In Search of Dowland
In Search of Dowland

2014: Coviello Classics COV 91415
1 disc




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Carl Rütti
In Search of Dowland
Consort Music of John Dowland and Carl Rütti

John Dowland - Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares(1604)
Carl Rütti - Dowland-Suite (2012) World Premiere Recording

Markus Bartholomé, Katelijne Lanneau, Thomas List, Silja-Maaria Schütt, Mina Voet

The timeless consort music of John Dowland is reflected in the colourful sounds of Carl Rütti's Dowland-Suite. B-Fve Recorder Consort skillfully recounts the story of the brilliant Renaissance composer's eventfull career.

"I was amazed and delighted again and again throughout this disc with the wonderful wealth of textures and moods B-Five's players made with their instuments." International Record Review